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USA Lacrosse Youth Nationals


Jul 12-13, 2022

USA Lacrosse celebrates its 14th edition of the USA Lacrosse Youth Nationals in 2022.

The 2022 USA Lacrosse Youth Nationals will feature top-tier girls’ 13U, 14U and 15U teams from the country that have earned bids either through historical performance or the 2022 application process. We’re excited to provide a first-class experience with great competition and sportsmanship. 

Roster Guidelines




DE Turf Sports Complex is the largest all-synthetic sports complex in the Mid Atlantic, located just 30 minutes from Delaware’s beaches.

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This is a STAY TO PLAY tournament.  All non-commuting teams participating in the tournament MUST make all hotel accommodations using our tournament housing services.  Please do not call the hotels directly.  Please book through the hotel reservation link below.  We appreciate your support as these partnered hotels assist in sponsoring our event. 

 USA Lacrosse is proud to partner with HBC Event Services, a housing agency with a nationwide reputation for excellence in managing travel for sports events.  HBC Event Services provides an easy way for you to book your hotel rooms with our partnered hotels at the best rates.  These rates are lower than their best available rate and usually includes breakfast for your team. 

A Travel Protection Plan is now available for purchase for all new reservations booked through this website.

Most importantly this plan has a “Cancel for Any Reason” benefit that will protect 75% of your non-refundable hotel booking and event registration costs for only $21.05 (based on a 2-night stay). Book your hotel reservation and select YES to add the Travel Protection Plan and protect your trip. Alternatively, you can call HBC directly at 505-346-0522 (Travel Protection Plan can only be added to your booking within 20 days of your hotel reservation date).

To see the full terms and conditions of the Travel Protection Plan, please click here.

We appreciate your support as these partnered hotels assist in sponsoring our event.

Please call HBC Event Services at (505) 346-0522 and/or if you have any questions and/or have any special hotel requests.

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Area Activities

Whether you are interested in pristine beach towns or a tax-free shopping spree, Delaware serves as the hidden gem of the Mid Atlantic.

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Please note the following:

• 8 Teams will advance from each age group into the quarterfinal round.

• All teams will play 4 games, if your team does not advance to the quarterfinal round out of pool play you will have a consolation game on day two.

12 Jul 13 Jul
8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Pool Play Games
Location DE Turf Fields 1-12

DE Turf Fields 1-12

8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Playoff & Consolation Games
Location DE Turf Fields 1-12

DE Turf Fields 1-12

*Schedule is subject to change

Teams Attending


13U Girls

Aces Elite 2027 (N.Y.)
AIM 2027 (N.J.)
All Lax Select 2027 (N.J.)
Auburn Youth Lacrosse (Ala.)
CLC Pride 2027 (N.J.)
Gold Coast 2027 Gold (Pa.)
Hero’s Lacrosse 2027 Green (Md.)
LA Select (Calif.)
Lacrosse Monkey (Minn.)
Lax Maniax 2027 (Fla.)
Laxachusetts 2027 Black (Mass.)
Laxachusetts 2027 Yellow (Mass.)
LaxOn Elite (N.Y.)
LI Jesters 2027 Black (N.Y.)
Long Island Top Guns Black (N.Y.)
Mad Dog West Elite 2027 (Calif.)
MC Elite 2027 Midnight (Md.)
Monster Elite 2027 Purple (N.Y.)
Monster Elite White (N.Y.)
Philly Blast 2027 Courage (Pa.)
PRIDE 2027 Red (Va.)
Prime Time 2027 (N.Y.)
STEPS California 2027 (Calif.)
STEPS Elite 2027 Blue (N.J.)
STEPS Elite 2027 White (N.J.)
Team 180 (Colo.)
Team 91 Long Island 2027 (N.Y.)
Tradition 2027 (N.Y.)
Uproar Elite 2027 (Md.)
Yellow Jackets Gaghan (N.Y.)
Yellow Jackets Stadler (N.Y.)

14U Girls

Aces Elite 2026 (N.Y.)
AIM 2026 (N.J.)
AZ United 2026 (Ariz.)
CLC 2026 Pride (N.J.)
HoCo 2026 Black (Md.)
Lacrosse Monkey (Minn.)
Laxachusetts 2026 Black (Mass.)
Laxachusetts 2026 Yellow (Mass.)
LaxOn Elite (N.Y.)
LI Jesters 2026 Black (N.Y.)
Long Island Top Guns Black (N.Y.)
Mad Dog West Elite 2026 (Calif.)
MC Elite 2026 Midnight (Md.)
Monster Elite 2026 Purple (N.Y.)
Philly Blast 2026 Spirit (Pa.)
Predators Lacrosse (N.Y.)
PRIDE 2026 Red (Va.)
Prime Time 2026 (N.Y.)
Reign Elite 2026 (Pa.)
STEPS California 2026 (Calif.)
STEPS Elite 2026 Blue (N.J.)
STEPS Elite 2026 White (N.J.)
Team 180 (Colo.)
TLC 2026 (Md.)
Tradition 2026 (N.Y.)
True CO State 2026 (Minn.)
Uproar 2026 Elite (Md.)
Yellow Jackets Voss (N.Y.)
Yellow Jackets Manning (N.Y.)
Yellow Jackets Torre (N.Y.)

15U Girls

Aces Elite 2025 (N.Y.)
AIM 2025 (N.J.)
All Lax Select 2025 (N.J.)
HoCo 2025 Black (Md.)
Lax Maniax 2025 Black (Fla.)
Legacy LI 2025 Blue (N.Y.)
LI Jesters 2025 Black (N.Y.)
Limitless Elite 2025 (Fla.)
Long Island Top Guns Black (N.Y.)
Maryland United 2025 East (Md.)
MC Elite 2025 Midnight (Md.)
Monster Elite 2025 Purple (N.Y.)
Orange Crush 2025 (N.Y.)
PRIDE 2025 Red (Va.)
Prime Time 2025 (N.Y.)
Reign Elite 2025 (Pa.)
STEPS California 2025 (Calif.)
STEPS Elite 2025 Carolina (N.J.)
STEPS Elite 2025 Black (N.J.)
Team 180 (Colo.)
Team Elevate (N.Y.)
Tradition 2025 (N.Y.)
Triple Threat Elite 2025 Iron (N.J.)
Uproar 2025 Elite (Md.)
Yellow Jackets Janelli (N.Y.)
Yellow Jackets Lomo (N.Y.)
Yellow Jackets Spallina (N.Y.)

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