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Box Lacrosse

Tight spaces. Fast pace. Quick decision making. 

These are just a few of the attributes that describe Box Lacrosse, also known as Indoor Lacrosse. Played inside the confines of a multi-sport rink, box lacrosse has a distinct set of rules, apart from the field game. The playing surface is enclosed by boards, usually made of wood or plastic, and each team has six players on the floor - five runners and one goaltender. Players rotate on and off the floor in shifts to play offense by trying to put the ball in their opponents' goal and play defense by preventing their opponents from scoring on their goal.

Box Lacrosse at USA Lacrosse

USA Lacrosse is a member of World Lacrosse and serves as the sport's national governing body for all disciplines of the game in the United States. We work with local organizations as well as the US Olympic Committee to fuel and advance the sport's growth. As USA Lacrosse has grown as an organization, so has the popularity and participation in box lacrosse.

Box Lacrosse Rules

USA Lacrosse publishes a rule set for box lacrosse, including suggested modifications for youth play.

Box Rules

Box Lacrosse Grant

Box Lacrosse grants provide additional protective equipment to qualified USA Lacrosse Member Programs to reduce the financial barriers of entry to participate in box lacrosse. These grant options include: Goals, Goalie Gear, Bicep and Rib Protective Gear (men’s game only), and Full Protective Gear (women’s game only).

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How to Apply

All perspective Box Lacrosse grant applicants must submit a Proposal Form in order to be eligible to receive a grant. Please follow the link below to learn more about the grant process and upcoming application availability.

Start the Process

Coaching Tools

8U Box Practice Plans

Drills and Plans for Running Box Lacrosse for Ages 6–8

Access Practice Plans

12U Box Practice Plans

Drills and Plans for Running Box Lacrosse for Ages 9-12

Access Practice Plans

16U Box Practice Plans

Drills and Plans for Running Box Lacrosse for Ages 13-16

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Think Inside the Box

Learn more about how box lacrosse skills and strategy are an integral part of player development. Think Inside the Box is an interview series developed by the National Lacrosse League (NLL) and designed as a resource for players and coaches.

Inside the Box